Our School‘s curriculum is all of the planned activities that we organize in order to promote learning, personal growth and development. Adcote aims to offer a broad and balanced range of educational experiences that will encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility for their community and their environment, whilst discovering and stretching their individual academic, creative and sporting talents.

Adcote wants students to grow into positive, responsible learners who can work and cooperate with each other while, at the same time, developing their knowledge and skills in order to achieve their true potential and prepare for a successful life in the 21st Century.

We value the breadth of the curriculum that we provide and aim to use it to foster confidence, knowledge, creativity and skills in our students and help them to become independent learners. Above all we believe in providing each pupil with a sense of their own worth within a safe, caring environment and the opportunity to reach or exceed their expectations.

The aims of our School curriculum are:

  • To enable all students to learn and develop their skills to the best of their ability.

  • To teach students about the world they live in and their place in it.

  • To enable students to have respect for themselves and high self-esteem, and to live and work cooperatively with others.

  • To help students understand the importance of fairness and the difference between right and wrong so that they grow up committed to equal opportunities for all

  • To appreciate the value and contribution made by all ethnic groups in our multi-cultural society.

  • To promote a positive attitude towards learning so that students enjoy School and acquire a solid basis for lifelong, independent learning.

  • To enable students to be creative and develop their own thinking.

  • To teach students the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle life in the 21st Century.





Adcote has a comprehensive and inclusive curriculum that aims to meet the academic, social, emotional and physical needs of all its students. We aim to prepare students for life in university and beyond.

Our rigorous academic programme is based on the Cambridge Assessment International Education syllabuses and requirements. Cambridge offers students two levels of qualifications at this age group: the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and the Advanced Level certificates. Both IGCSE and A Levels are valued and accepted as meeting the very high entry requirements to the top Universities in the world.

我们的课程是建立在剑桥大学国际考评部的考试大纲和要求的基础上的。剑桥大学为这个年龄段的学生提供两种等级的资格证书:国际中学教育普通证书(IGCSE)和高级水平等级证书(ALevel)。IGCSE 和A Level都被世界很多大学所认可。


IGSCE and A Level

IGCSE 和A Level 概述

The IGCSE by Cambridge,offers many subjects and students in most international schools study at least five subjects concurrently over a 2-year period. Cambridge provides examinations as a final assessment of student performance at the end of the 2-year courses according to a strict global timetable. Some students at Adcote have the opportunity to join our Pre- A Level where students take a high-intensity learning programme to take the examinations in one year. This one year study is highly intensive.

剑桥大学国际考评部的IGCSE课程提供了许多科目供学生选择,大多数国际学校的学生通常在两年的时间里完成至少5个学科的学习。剑桥大学在两年的课程结束时严格遵守全球时间表来进行考试,作为对学生成绩的评估。上海阿德科特的一部分学生进入了Pre-A Level的年级,学生在Pre-A Level 的学习将会是非常紧张的。

Students passing the IGCSE examinations at the required level in the required subjects may then go on to study at Advanced Level. ALevels are one-year courses at Advanced Subsidiary (AS) and a subsequent Advanced level 2nd year (A2) course.

学生通过所选科目的IGCSE校内学习考试及校外剑桥大学国际考评部组织的考试后进入A Level的学习,A-level课程的学制为AS和A2两年。

Universities judge student applications according to a number of factors. Academically, student performance at IGSCE and AS is a very good predictor for success at A Level and for continued success at university.




Compulsory and optional subjects


Students should choose subjects according to their interests and strengths. If already known, students should also consider the university major subject they are aiming to study.

  • Pre-IG 年级,英语(ESL)、数学、体育、中文、物理、化学、历史、学习方法、全球展望是必修课。学生不能以任何原因弃课

  • At Pre-IG,English (ESL)、Mathematics、PE、Chinese、Physics、Chemistry 、 History、ATL and GP are compulsory for every student; Subjects may not be dropped for any reasons.

  • 在G1年级,英语(ESL)、数学、体育、中文、物理、学习方法、全球展望是必修课。不能以任何原因弃课。学生可以从第一学科组科学、第二学科组人文、第三学科组创新与职业中选择科目(详见G1年级选课表)。

  • At G1 Level, English (ESL)、Mathematics、PE、Chinese、Physics、ATL and GP are compulsory for every student; Subjects may not be dropped for any reasons. Students can then choose subjects from Group I Science, from Group II Humanities and from Group III Creative &Vocational. Student should choose the subjects according to the school‘s regulations(Please check the G1 course selection form).

  • 在Pre-A Level年级,英语(ESL)、数学、体育、中文、物理、化学、经济、学习方法、全球展望是必修课。不能以任何原因弃课。

  • At Pre-A Level, English (ESL)、Mathematics、PE、Chinese、Physics、Chemistry、Economics、ATL and GP are compulsory for every student; Subjects may not be dropped for any reasons.

  • 在AS年级,英语和数学是必修课程.学生可以从物理、化学、生物、经济、商务研究、历史、地理、心理学、计算机科学、艺术与设计、全球展望不研究里选择三至四门课程。

  • At AS Level, English and Mathematics are compulsory for each student. Students then choose at least three to four subjects from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business Study, History, Geography, Psychology, Computing, Art and Design, Global Perspectives & Research.

  • 在A2年级,一门英语是必选的(学生可以从英语语言文学、学术英语或媒体中选择)。然后学生从数学、进阶数学、物理、化学、生物、经济、历史、地理、心理学、计算机科学、艺术与设计、全球展望中至少选择三门。

  • At A2 Level, one English Language course is compulsory (choose English Language and Literature, Academic English or Media). Students then choose at least three subjects from Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, History, Geography, Psychology, Computing, Art and Design, Global Perspectives & Research, (see A2 selection form).

  • 该课程设置规定解释权由教学处负责。每年的开设科目根据当年的教学安排定。

  • Exceptions to this rule are only authorized by the Academic Affair Office. Subjects offered will be varied according to the Academic year arrangement.


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